Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Kindergarten Post

Eleanor started Kindergarten this past August. How have I not taken the time to sit down and write about it?
I'm teaching twenty-six fifth through eighth graders, who make it their business to keep me on my toes. Life during the school year runs at breakneck speeds. I cannot believe it is already the end of September and we've been in school for well over a month and a half. It feels like we've barely begun.

Eleanor was scared to start Kindergarten at first. As in, really very scared. She cried about it almost every day. Did not want to go. When we asked her why she was scared she told us, "If the teacher calls on me, all I'll be able to say is 'I love you!'" Hardly the worst problem to have, but I could see she really was scared. It's a new world. How could change not be scary for a five year old. How can she be five already, even? I don't know. Have I even written about her birthday? I'll save that for later -

Thankfully, once she started school she realized that there really was nothing to be scared of. She loved her first day, and the only meltdown she's had has been because she didn't want to carry her own backpack into the house. She said "See, this is why I knew I didn't want to start school - I would have too much to carry. I can't do it, it's too much!"

Wait. I lied. She did have another meltdown one weekend.

"I don't want to go back to school on Monday!" She blurted out of the blue.

"Why not? I thought you loved school?" I countered.

"I do. But, I'll have to go to school for the REST OF MY LIFE!" She wailed.

I tried hard not to crack up.

"Well, not the REST of your life. . ."

She looked up at me with the biggest eyes and said piteously, "Yes, but for the rest of my childhood."

She had me with that one. I couldn't argue. The kids too smart for me, and already has it figured out how much of school is going to take away from her life.

It has been fun seeing all of the things she learned, and hearing the epically long memory verses she's already memorized, such as John 14:1-4 ("Let not your hearts be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in me . . ."). I love all the crafts she brings home, and doing homework together is fun.

She has a nice small class - only ten - and a I'm at the same school, all of which helped ease her fears when we started. She loves coming to school with me in the morning. I love our morning routine. I love our drives together to school, singing songs, talking about the day, etc.

I haven't taken many  pictures from the school year - but here are a few pictures of Eleanor starting Kindergarten, and a few since then. We've also started her in piano lessons, which she is loving (and also doing really well at. I'm having fun remembering how to play along with her. We'll be professional piano players in a few years, just you wait).

Moving into her new cubby

Getting all settled in to play and explore the room

 First all-school chapel

She complained the first week that she didn't have enough homework. 
Ha. Child, child - she doesn't know what she's asking for. 
We also have had to teach her that you can't share your homework with your friends. 

Now, if I can just decide on what to do with the stacks of homework, crafts, and paintings that come home every week . . . I hate to throw it all out, but we're running out of room very rapidly. 
Kindergarten problems.