Monday, January 30, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Today

A few of my blogger friends post a weekly "What I'm Loving Wednesday" post every week.

I'm not good at remembering weekly meme posts. But I do like to write about the things I love all-the-same.

Today I love:

1.) My writing group.

I may be the only non-fantasy writer in the group . . . but the insights, help, and lessons I've learned from my writing friends over the past two months is not only molding into the phenomenal writer I dream one day to become, but is giving me the motivation and encouragement to finish the book I started.

Plus, they're hilarious, and we laugh together a lot. And who doesn't love laughing?

2.) Coconut Water with Dark Chocolate.
My friend, and fellow author of her blog A Clove of Garlic, A Pinch of Salt, introduced me to Zico's Coconut Water with Dark Chocolate last week and I went out and bought some to test it out. Oh, this tongue can't tell you enough how phenomenal this drink is. If you haven't tried it yet, go run to the store now and get yourself some. Yes, it really is that good.  Both my girls gobbled it down. Now, next week we'll try the plain Coconut Water and see how it measures up.

3.) Chalk Ink Pens.


We have a few of these pens (and need more) at home. They are great for leaving fun notes on our bathroom mirrors, or writing out our memory verse on the mirror. We say it, write it, and see it, which has helped Eleanor memorize her verses so much quicker.
The girls also have a blast drawing on the mirrors with these.
This is how we use them, but they are so versatile, and clean up very easily with windex and paper towel.

4.) My Big girls.  
Annabelle started climbing out of her crib this week -which has a safety gate to keep her from doing this - but alas, she still climbs over.  We have had the bunk bed set up for months now, and introduced her to the idea that one day when she's ready she will sleep in the bottom bunk. Tonight she sleeps tucked into her sweet little bottom bunk bed. I may have shed a tear or two.

It took her awhile to fall asleep, but she stayed in the bed without trying to get out once. She is such a big girl.

Eleanor decided to start playing wedding today (which is really yesterday now).  Her dressing up and cute theatrics reminded me so much of the thousands of times my sister, cousins, and I would play wedding together. It makes my heart squeeze seeing her act like such a big little girl.

5.) Heroic Husbands and New DVD players.
Yes, that is Annabelle biting his cheek to say 'welcome home'
After a rough week with the girls it is so wonderful to have a heroic husband to step in and take over when I need a break to recharge. To be there for them, make us brunch, be there for me, still find time to work on "The Project" (DIY play-kitchen from desk make-over), and go to the store to buy a new DVD player {the old one finally succumbed to the abuses of small children shoving it closed with objects not designed for its slots}. I don't know where I'd be without my heroic husband.