Saturday, December 17, 2011

Facebook Stories

All too often I find myself thinking of stories in short facebook status updates, even if I never end up posting it online.   For instance, this story that took place last week after I dragged the girls with me shoe shopping (worst idea ever). 
The girls camped out in the pantry while I cooked dinner today.  They were quiet. I was happy.  What harm could they do, really? Note to self: store the sugar canisters and cups on the very highest shelf.
The sugar highs are a riot to watch. The sugar crashes? Not so much.   Now the girls try to sneak into the pantry every chance they can get. 

Lesson learned: don't play ball in the bathroom with Eleanor with the toilet seat up.
Annabelle on her little potty, the big toilet lid up, and a ball to play catch with between Eleanor and I. I know what you are thinking: why would I have to learn this lesson the hard way?  Because I'm special, that's why.

Sometimes the stories I share on facebook I fail to record here, stories that I would like to remember, like these:
To Brandon: As I played catch with your daughter {Eleanor} I looked to the side at something, and she threw the ball right at my face smacking me in the side of the head, "hey - you gotta keep your eye on the ball!" she taunted me. BTW I think she'll be ready to join the softball team this spring. December 13
True story. My daughter has a mean throw; strong arm, and perfect aim. 

If you ever hear me say I'm going to take Annabelle with me to a craft store remind me of the time back in November of '11 when she swiped a bottle of paint when my back was turned and attempted to drink it (and spill most of it all over herself, shopping cart, and aisle floor). Then slap some sense back into me. Literally if you have to. November 30
Luckily it was a pretty red-brown paint and blended in nicely with her outfit.  And, it turns out - I don't think she actually got any paint into her mouth.  Those aisles are too close together, and who sells paint bottles without some kind of seal under the cap? Huh? Not safe, people, not safe. 

Our Blendtec came today and now I want to blend everything in sight. Literally. November 17
So far in the month that we have owned a BlendTec we have blended over 60 times. Just about two smoothies every day. My favorite, a green peanut butter and banana smoothie (8 oz almond milk, tablespoon peanut butter and about* two frozen bananas and at least two cups of fresh spinach)
*I say about because I chop the bananas before I freeze them so I really have no idea how many bananas are in them. I do believe that having so much spinach every day has been one of the keys to my weight loss (more about in another post). 
Laying in the dentist chair today having Mt. Rushmore carved into my teeth I suddenly felt more like one of Dextor's victims than a patient under a doctors care. November 10
My teeth still hurt. More than they did before the Dentist told me I had cavities that needed filling. Now they are sensitive to extreme temperature changes; I can't eat hot or cold foods without wincing.  I'd like a refund.  Do they do that for a bad filling job?

There are so many stories I have failed to record here. So many memories I've let slip through the cracks because I forgot why I started this blog for in the first place: recording memories.  I hope to do a better job as The Family Memory Keeper.