Friday, October 7, 2011

True vs. Toxic Hunger {Giveaway Winner}

At the end of my review of Eat to Live I asked you tell me how you know when you are hunger - and all of you answered the way I would have - my stomach growls, it feels empty,  I know I need to fill it!

I was shocked to discover that that is not actually hunger. I'll give you a moment for that to sink in. No really, its not! Trust me.  I had a hard time with this information too. Especially since I can feel my stomach growling right this instant. Isn't that hunger? No?  I had to look it up. Many times.  This is  legit folks. I even quadruple checked it - see for yourself: source1, source2, source3, source4.

We could go our whole lives without ever experiencing true hunger. This makes our nation one of the most overfed and malnourished in the world.  Overweight and undernourished. It doesn't even seem like its possible. But its disgustingly easy.

So yes, I'm telling you everything that we've felt our whole lives is a lie. Its not real hunger. Isn't it a devastating feeling to find out  headaches, fatigue, nausea, weakness,  confusion and irritability, abdominal and esophageal spasm, fluttering and cramping in the stomach. . .  all the symptoms that we have ever felt that have told us "put food in my body now!" is not really true hunger at all but toxic hunger.

Toxic hunger symptoms are the same (mild) symptoms a person goes through when withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. Which I guess means everyone I know is an addict. Does that make me a hippie?

Now the tough question, is this an addiction I really want to give up? You just try to take away someone's meat/dairy/soda/ice cream/candy/addiction of choice and find out how truly addicted they are. On second thought, no better not. You may not escape with your life.  Even the mere suggestion of taking away these foods in my home has caused me to be met with serious mistrust and violent-looks while hoarding the aforementioned foods.  Its not pretty people.  

To know true hunger, you will feel a gnawing sensation in the throat, have increased salivation, and enhanced taste sensations, (pg. 154 EtL).  I have never felt this. Have you? According to the good doctor it can even take up to two-to-fours months of eating a very healthy diet to detoxify your body and reach the state of being able to feel this true hunger.  Sounds long and painful. Or, I have read that you can fast until you begin to feel true hunger, and pick up with your healthy eating after that.  Fasting has never appealed to me, but I am curious to see if I can feel this 'true hunger,' so I may do it. Maybe. All in the same of science, that is.

I am still doing the 'six-week eating plan,' and the pros: I'm eating healthy. I'm losing weight. Even with all the beans I'm eating, I'm not gassy or bloated. Its a win-win for everyone.

Cons: I can't stop thinking about salted caramel ice creampeanut butter truffle's,  pumpkin cake rolls, and this peanut butter truffle mouse cheesecake.
Oh and chocolate caramel tarts.   

Honestly, I must stop torturing myself. 

Now for the lucky winner of Eat to Live
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Happy weekend friends!