Thursday, October 13, 2011

The (Not So) Dreaded Scale

Ever since I was a little girl I have hated bathroom scales.  They don't tell you how healthy you are. They play mind games. You work out and the scale goes up! They make you depressed. Scales are your worst enemy. You should focus more on how your clothes are fitting than what the scale says. What about my bones? My bones must weigh much more than everyone else's.
Then I read in a book, or online - or well, somewhere - recently that people who own a scale in their home and weigh themselves regularly are more likely to lose weight than to gain over a year's period. I pondered long and hard about this and determined it made sense.  I also reasoned that with starting the Eat to Live Six-Week Plan I should to keep track of how quickly I was losing weight (if at all). 

And, oh my word - can you say obsessed? I have never in my life been so aware of my weight.  I am aware of my weight when I first wake up, after I shower, after I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I even weigh myself in the middle of the night when I wake up to use the restroom.

The good news is the girls have seen me do this so many times they now stand on the scale, hold perfectly still, and look down expecting jellybeans to come pouring out at them. They must think I am losing my mind.

And if you're wondering: between morning and evening is a four pound fluctuation. I only count the morning weigh in.  Yes. I understand weighing everyday is obsessive - but when my friend Lisa told me she was losing a pound a day after starting the six-week plan, I just had to see if I could lose a pound a day too. I am not competitive at all.

Two weeks into this eating-plan and I have lost 7 pounds, and {ignoring the emotional upheavals and many life stresses} I feel great.  So great, in fact, I decided to finally go to The Store {Ahem. Target.} to celebrate with a new pair of jeans. The first new pair of jeans since I got pregnant with Annabelle. Yes, that's right - my first pair of new jeans in over two years.  Part of me worried about buying a new pair when I still have 4 more weeks to go on this plan, and potentially (in a perfect world) 20 pounds to lose.  But I thought - nah, forget it! Yo homes to Bel-air!  

So, you know how you always think you're thinner than you really when you are staring the jean sizes down, so you pull from the rack a size smaller than you really are because well - you could have dropped a size between leaving the house and getting to the store? No? That's just me? 

I grabbed the size smaller jeans like I normally do and thought dismally, "why do you do this to yourself - you'll just try them on, get frustrated they don't fit, get discouraged - throw the you're-too-good-for-them-anyway-jeans in the discard cart, walk off in a huff, and not end up buying anything after-all."

And now you know why its been so long since I've bought a new pair of jeans.

Sure enough, the jeans didn't fit. Only this time - they were too big. But was I happy? Oh no, no.  Of course not. I even more pessimistically went out and grabbed the next size down thinking, "of course - the next size down will be way too small and I won't be able to wear any jeans comfortably. Eh, what's new?" I have had that happen to me one-too-many-times. I'm not naive.

Luckily for me my fairy god-mother joined me in that dressing room (either that, or Target is getting really good at vanity sizing), because they actually fit. Fit without having to do the awkward jump-squat-leg-lunge-and-shimmy-into-your-freshly-washed-jeans-dance, suck-in-your-gut-while-you button trick. You know what I'm talking about.  The size of jeans I haven't fit into since freshman year of college actually fit. Comfortably.

And I'm only two weeks into this way of living.  Let me tell you, the best motivation to keep eating so healthy is how much more comfortable I feel in my own body - and how much better I feel overall. 

Yeah, sure - I have nibbled on foods that 'I'm not suppose' to nibble on, but they just don't taste as good as they use to.  My taste buds are evolving and learning to enjoy food the way it was created for us to enjoy (without the mask of all that salt/butter/oil//cheese/sugar). 

I will try to post a few recipes that we have all been enjoying later this week as soon as I have a chance. 

Question For You: How do you feel about a bathroom scale? Do you weigh yourself regularly to guard against gaining too much weight, or do you keep in hidden away so as not to wrap up your self esteem in the numbers on a scale?

Note: This is not intended as a look-at-me, toot-my-own-horn, kind of post - my intention is to encourage others that want to lose weight, or to just eat healthier to feel better and live better, that Eat to Live really works wonders on the body and mind.  If you give it time and allow yourself to adjust to the major changes in diet, the pay-off is huge (or should I say skinny?)