Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Heard Around, Part Sixième (Part Six)

"No, I want to stay up for lots of longs!" Eleanor pleaded when I told her it was time for nap. She now uses "lots of longs" for anything that she wants a lot of. I think I will cry when she stops using it.

*                             *                             *                                *
 Another nap-time adventure laying Eleanor down for nap she announces, "Mommy I don't want to sleep! I want you to stay here with me forever!"

"I'm sorry sweetheart, I have to leave - but don't fall asleep! Whatever you do! Its just quiet time, stare up at the ceiling and don't close your eyes - keep them wide open, remember don't let them close!!"

"But what if I want to close my eyes?" She says fiercely.

"Oh, I suppose you could if you wanted to."

"I do want to!"

Ah, the beauty of reverse psychology.

*                             *                             *                                *

In the car back from the grocery store Eleanor announces, "Uncle Matt told us we didn't have to wear our seat belts."  It has been 3 months since she stayed with Uncle Matt while she and Brandon stayed there for a few weeks this summer.   Apparently what happens at Uncle Matt's doesn't stay at Uncle Matt's anymore.

"You mean he told you you didn't have to wear your seat belt?" I asked.

"No mommy, I didn't say that!"  Yeah, pretty sure you did kid.

"Okay, tell me again what you said."

"He said we didn't have to buckle this bottom part, to just clip the top together."

"Okay, I think I understand now. Do you know why he said that?"

"Hmm, I dunno!" She says happily.

Your secrets are out, Uncle Matt!

*                             *                             *                                *

"'Top it da-da!" Annabelle squeels, warding off tickles from Brandon - which sounded more like 'do-do than da-da.'

"Stop it dodo!" Eleanor bursts into fits "Dodo! Hey dodo!" More fits of laughter.

Sure glad she inherited her father's sense of humor.