Sunday, October 16, 2011

{Healthy} Banana Oat Bars

I promised I would add a few of my favorite recipes that I've been using these past few weeks as I have adapted my diet to be a 'nutritarian.'  We call these "Banana Oat Bars" simply cookies in our house.  Doesn't cookie just sounds much more delicious than "healthy banana oat bars?" It does, trust me.   And the great thing is, I don't mind if they have seconds or thirds or even fourths of these 'cookies.'  You can even have them for breakfast with the milk of your choice {almond is our favorite}, or as a quick afternoon snack.  

I adapted these Banana Oat Bars (which are vegan) from one of the recipes in Eat to Live which called for coconut and dates. The girls aren't fans of coconut, so I left them out. I didn't have dates, so I put in raisins instead.  They are incredibly adaptable and simple.  Change the dried fruit and fresh fruit and nuts with any combination you can think of (or skip the nuts altogether). Add in whatever spices your heart desires.  If you like shredded coconut, toss that in too.  I also added no sugar added applesauce to add moisture and a touch more sweetness - but it is not necessary.

Here is the recipe: