Friday, October 28, 2011

Grandma Says: Blue Your Whites

I am beginning a 'regular' post {as in I will post many of these themed posts as time goes on - I have no unrealistic expectations that it will be on a specific day of the week, on a certain hour every week, while I stand on one foot and jump) entitled "Grandmda Says" in hopes of spreading and sharing the wealth of knowledge and advice from my wonderful Grandmother. I daily learn from her, and I want to pass this knowledge on.

You're welcome.

Today's advice is on the study of the all consuming laundry. Personal backstory: Nobody ever taught me the finite points of laundering. I learned how to work the machine, to sort the color from the whites and what water temperature each load should have (all based off the nifty guides directly on the washing machine). That was the extent of my laundry education. Everything else has just been trial and error through years of experience. I thought I was an 'expert' laundress at this point. Oh, how wrong I was.

"I don't know how you sort clothes," she beings as I take her full {and unsorted} laundry basket.

"But I like to put the blue's clothes with the whites to make the whites whiter.  Do you ever do that?"

Hmmawhat? Come again? Blue makes white whiter? Am I the last person to ever learn this? And why am I just finding out about this now?

Here is some more helpful information
about why bluing your whites works (basically no white is just white-white - and the blue-shade of white is the whitest. Think snow, and blue ice). They even sell a blue 'bluing' rinse to put in the wash help make your whites whiter. I'm not sure how much laundering blue clothes with white clothes works to make the whites whiter, but at the very least it can't hurt!

To read more about bluing check out Mama's Laundry Talk,  and Old and Interesting.

Don't let bleach happen to your whites any more! Blue is the way of the future past - the way of the future past, the way of the future past! {1000 points if you can name that movie}

What about you, have you been bluing your whites for years like an old pro, or is this the first you've heard of such fancy laundering techniques?